To reach one more by building a large Christ-centered, Scripture loving church.  Changing the hearts and minds of the lost and “churched” world by uniting them to see the power of Christ on a practical level.  Living it out daily and empowering them to impact their sphere of life through God-given gifts and talents.


Our church exists to lead people to Christ, disciple them and teach them to win and disciple others.


  1. We follow Jesus, not a denomination.…we point our roots to the river. (Psalms 1:1-3)

  2. We envision big, but we start small…Our faith is activated individually and collectively.

  3. We love one another to glorify God…we value ”broken” people.

  4. We are contributors, not consumers…it’s all about taking action and finding appropriate rest.

  5. We worth-ship…we show what Christ is worth to us.

  6. We radically and consistently give to spread the gospel...it’s all about the gospel and baptism, we celebrate these.

  7. We radically give to create a “Christ-Centered” environment…it’s all about Christ so we put forth the best possible effort to show His love and compassion. It’s worth all of the effort.

  8. We edify to multiply…it’s all about not burying the talent in the sand.

  9. We are teachable, correctable, defensible against fiery darts and slander…it’s all about protecting the delicate testimony of life in Christ.

  10. We don’t take this for granted…this is special and we will thank God for it every time we meet. 

2019 - 2020 GOALS

  1. Wonderful, systematic environment for children and trained staff.

  2. Scripture based teaching, Bibles in the hands of Christians and on their hearts.

  3. Gospel trained soul winners.

  4. Small groups with purpose.

  5. C.O.R.E. missions will be our primary emphasis.

  6. Added staff to lead and train outreach.

  7. Build both services to 70% occupancy.

  8. Support church plants of like faith in our area or abroad in the U.S. giving a maximum $1,000, one-time donation.

  9. Missions trip to Jamaica for our church.

  10. Develop a dynamic ministry to connect men, women and teens outside the walls of the church building.