Is There a Secret Chord?

Is there a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord? If so, what is it? Wouldn't that be easy if the worship leader could pick up his guitar and strike that secret chord and the Lord would show up because it was played....HA! Maybe the popularity of the "Hallelujah" song is because we're still searching for that secret chord and no one has found it.

Let me challenge your thought on church as we know it in the American context. Did you know that you can have "Church" and God won't be there. That's a bold statement and I know you might be thinking of the verse that says: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." - Mathew 18:20.

I believe you can gather out of a "schedule of events" and not in His name. I believe you can gather because of relationships with friends and because of "Duty" and completely miss out when gathering in His name. 

God gave us the "Secret" in His Word. Would you like to know? It's in plain sight. Did you ever watch the cartoon series "looney toons"? When I was growing up these weren't new cartoons just old ones but still fun...this clip is about trying to open the secret door (in the cave) and he keeps trying out different words for it to this quick youtube clip:

Many come to church each week and stand, sing, sit, sing, listen to preaching, pray and go home. Would you decide in your heart and make a sound of "thankfulness" on your lips during the first opening prayer. If you have the privilege to lead worship, will you challenge your crowd to thank God for something? The secret to bring in His presence at "corporate worship" is found in the book of Psalms: "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name." - Psalms 100:4

I travel quite a bit , I like to fly Southwest Airlines. There is this ticket taker that takes our tickets just before we board the plane and almost every time including myself, we say thank you as we hand the ticket off to him. Do we have to say thank you? No...we've paid for the ticket already and it's our right to board the plane and I've thought how many times this guy listens to this word daily:  "Thank you", "Thank You", "Thank You" doesn't it get, it doesn't. In fact the pay off is that he uses our name as we pass by him to get on the plane and it's a nice sweet moment. It sets the presence up of being "Relational".

I attempted this on Sunday morning with my family, I went around the car as we were driving to the early morning service and asked everyone what they want to thank God about this morning and my little girl said "Jesus dying on the cross", I then said, "Thank you Lord for what we have and what we are able to give to you. My wife said "Coffee" - LOL and my son said -"Uhh" (He can't speak well yet) - I carried that moment into church, into worship and into His presence as our music group warmed up, I asked each one of them too, which they shared.

As a worship leader - I consider it an honor to lead the crowd, to pray and pause a moment and ask them to "Thank God" for something in their life, it opens up "Worship" to invite Him in to your church meeting space, we can sing all we want but if God is not there then it's just another spiritual song.

Do you want to use the secret word? Thank God and Praise Him during your next worship service and every worship service. This is foundational and needs to be said and understood in your christian growth. The church needs to be revived and there is no power without His presence. Meditate with this song this weekend and realize how precious our relationship with our Heavenly Father is!

Jenny Musser