Church, Can We Do That Again?

This past Sunday was off the charts for passion! Sierra View was singing so loud and beautiful that it brought people to tears! (clapping "intensified" on this side of the keyboard as I type this). The question I have to ask is....why? Why did it move our congregation hearts? Is it because the worship team played beautiful music, umm...partly. Is it because of the song choices...partly. The question you might ask is "can we do that again?"  The answer might surprise you that it's...NO!

The answer might surprise you....No! - Josh Musser

I hope that doesn't disappoint you. Clearly, the reason that the song service was so moving was because of God's presence in our crowd, but let me remind you that the first song took sometime to get warmed up and it was quiet for a bit. Simply put church, I don't want last Sunday. I'm looking forward to this Sunday, God can be there from the moment we set foot in the sanctuary.

I don’t want last Sunday. I’m looking forward to this Sunday.

Here's some practical ways:

1. Come, pray, reflect on Jesus daily.

2. Be A Blessing....embrace and love others in your church, don't always be the needy one, but be the giving one.

3. Empty Yourself....humbleness is great in God's eyes. Pray and empty yourself, the opposite is pride.

4. Thank God....I love to get alone, shut off the tv, put my smartphone on my charger...go outside, look up in the stars and take a breath and wonder about how big God is! I look at the small possessions of life and thank Him for it. The simplest way for God's manifest presence is a sweet, real and thankful word on our lips. It opens the doorway to His presence.

There will be no greater worship service than when we all sing together in His presence, but we might as well practice the best way we know how on earth. Sierra View meets at 8:30AM and 10:30AM Sunday Mornings. I'm encouraging everyone to come and join us and get ready to worship again!

Jenny Musser