The Real Purpose of Music

What do you mean? Real Purpose?....I'm starting with the philosophy of music. Sure we've been listening to music our whole life, maybe it was a loving lullaby sung by your mom, hearing the radio on your way to work, playing 8-tracks of ancient days or modern day playlist from your favorite app, but maybe someone has never taken a moment to explain what music is and why it was created. God-Jehovah is a triune God. (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). We are a triune human being...Body, Soul and Spirit. Music was created to worship and glorify a triune Holy God from us, a triune human being. All I have to say is WOW! When the church gets together and everyone is singing with this thought God shows up and that's what people want the most from church, God's manifest presence! 

Music is a tool, an antenna, to move your soul. You know it all to well, if it weren't for music in the background of a really good touching movie then it wouldn't move you to tears. Music can move your feet, music can help you dance with a friend, music can help motivate and challenge your actions. Music in worship focuses your heart on God! Listen again. Music in worship focuses your heart on God! I hope you read that sentence with an open heart. In this day of the church many wars are going on privately and openly about traditions and "what I like" and "my preferences", but music isn't about us, it's about HIM! A good worship pastor knows this and uses music to step out of the "lime light"; he uses music to not identify a specific denomination style; uses music to not sell his band's CD in the bookstore or available download, but truly uses it to praise, adore and reflect on God our Savior. Christ honoring music sets a presence for the preaching of the Word of God. A worship leader is there to take a crowd from the rush of the weekend and the rush of getting to church to a moment in their heart where people are open and ready to receive scripture. 


There is so much to learn on the subject of music. At Sierra View Baptist Church we try our best to not be identified in a particular "Style" of music. We strive to honor and glorify God. As the months go on, we'll add more philosophy to music. As it's my honor to serve at Sierra View Baptist Church, I promise I seek the Lord when it comes to choice of the songs we sing. I'm not perfect but I strive to honor Him!

Listen to this song and consider the lyrics....

Scripture Reading:
1 Kings 1:40
Psalms 72
Jenny Musser