God’s Plan for You
You’re not here by accident. God loves you. He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus, His Son. There is just one thing that separates you from God. That one thing is sin.

The Bible describes sin in many ways. Most simply, sin is our failure to measure up to God’s holiness and His righteous standards. We sin by things we do, choices we make, attitudes we show, and thoughts we entertain. We also sin when we fail to do right things. The Bible affirms our own experience – “there is none righteous, not even one.” No matter how good we try to be, none of us does right things all the time…. (Read more)


A Pastor’s Wife’s Perspective
Tastet Family 2014-002Mrs. Rebekah Tastet, a busy pastor’s wife and mother of four daughters, has a heart to encourage other wives and mothers in the everyday details of their lives. We encourage you to stop by and visit her blog, A Pastor’s Wife’s Perspective, today.  We pray you will be encouraged by what you read.